Youth incarceration and the Kalief Browder story. The question I want to why was 16 year old in a Rikers island , futhermore once the person that accused Kalief didnt show up to curt and fled the state of nyc why was his case not droped.? Not only that on

I. Introduction

Overall Problem 

Research problem and/or question

Thesis statement (what are you arguing?)

II. Literature Review (minimum of 3 sources)

Describe what’s been discusses and/or debated around your research topic

Divide sections into themes/categories.

I suggest. You follow the MEAL Plan. See

III. Methodology

Describe your overall research design (see Module 8).
Provide your PRIMARY evidence here to support your thesis statement (choose from)


Archival research

Discourse analysis

IV. Discussion

What does it all mean? 

What does the evidence suggest?

V. Conclusion

Tie it all together

Any gaps?

What do you suggest for future research?

Submit as a Word doc or PDF. 12 pt font. One inch margins.

Minimum 5 pages.

Follow MLA or APA guidelines

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