your main task is to use the image youve selected in order to say something significant about the culture that created and values it. What does it say about or how does it represent the culture that produced it (to those not in the culture)?

The picture that you will be analyzing is
The abbey road album cover from the beatles
Quotes that needs to be in the essay to compare and contrast

To take a bite out of our imaginations, an icon must be simple(Updike 391)

It told of more than just death and destruction. It said something to me about the strength of the American people and of these firemen having to battle the unimaginable. It had drama, spirit, and courage in the face of disaster (Franklin, Photo of a Lifetime).

As with any work of art (or photojournalism) in the age of mechanical reproduction, the question of what the photograph means depends on its dissemination and reception (Helmers & Hill 11)

Introducing the beatles and how they have connected two lands with their music.
The photo is from the album came in 1969 (The Abbey Road).  One of the first pictures that pops up when you look up the beatles.
The culture was created by the people from the late 60’s  aka music lovers. British American culture from the early 70s. The picture is still valued the same as they did before in the past.
The picture serves many different meanings over time. 
MAIN ARGUMENT:  The picture is iconic because it serves a message that changes across culture and time.
1. Talk about the picture in general and how the picture is a portrayal of connecting two lands and cultures with music.
2. how can this picture be a portrayal of successs.
3.What success meant then
4. what does it (the image) mean now
5. what can it mean to people from a different region. what is their understanding  would it still be iconic?

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