your ideal career would be

Your third writing assignment is a 3-page research paper about what your ideal career would be. Consider these criteria: interests; work/ life balance; commutation and location; work environment; remuneration; future professional development.  Use library databases in business, psychology, and your chosen field.  Decide what you think is your correct stand and support it with advice from experts. Use at least three sources from the library databases.  DO NOT RELY ON GOOGLE OR WIKIPEDIA.  This is to be a persuasive essay.  Your goal is to persuade the reader that you have considered alternatives, and your career choice is the right one for you.  As always, you MUST have a thesis statement, which gives focus to the paper.  Your introductory paragraph should state your thesis clearly, and each body paragraph should elaborate on and support that thesis, using specific details and examples from your sources. The conclusion should make evident how you proved your thesis.  The paper should contain at least three quotations.  You must have a Works Cited page that uses MLA format. The paper will be evaluated according to this rubric.

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