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Based on the sources attached and more please write a paper following the instructions below: The final paper submission should consist of the following:
1.  Cover Page 1 page with Topic and Students Name
2.  Table of Contents
3.  Body of paper 12 pages minimum (illustrations are extra)
4.  Reference List list of all sources cited (alphabetical order by author): Author Name(s), Article Title, Journal Title, Volume and Issue (if available),  Year, Page Numbers (do not include database, website, or URL)
  The paper should be written in a 12 point font and double-spaced.
  All citations from the initial submission must be included. Additional citations, including sources from texts, newspapers, and the FASB code can be included.
  Any graphs, charts, etc. could either be included throughout the body of the paper or in an appendix before the references, but this is in addition to the twelve written pages.
  All sources of information must be cited right in the document of the text as follows:According to Smith (2018), current assets are expected to be realized within the normaloperating cycle.

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