Students must take a yoga class outside of QCC and write a 400-500 word essay about their experience in that class (you can mention our weekly work but the main topic should be this outside class)
The essay can be about how the class impacted your mood, posture, or perspective
It can also be about a specific posture, or two, that you liked, didnt like, or didnt understand
Another topic could be on the specific style of the class and how that style worked or didnt work for you
Give the how and the why. How did something make you feel, and why did you feel that way.
Students may take an online class or an in person class (some studios might offer outdoor classes in the spring).
If taking an online class, students should go to and get a 15-day free trial
Once signed up, students can choose any one, 60 min class to write about
A credit card is needed for sign-up, and will be charged after 15 days, so please remember to cancel if you dont want your card to be charged
Students who do not have access to a credit card can find an hour long you-tube class
This essay is NOT a research paper, so there is no need to search online or in books for information. If you feel it is important and necessary to quote a source, please do it properly. If you quote something without citation it is considered plagiarism and academic dishonesty.
If you need help with grammar or sentence structure, you can get free tutoring at the Campus Writing Center located here: If you have any doubts about the quality of your paper please go to see these tutors before the essay is due, as grammar and coherency will count towards the overall grade.
Essays should be double-spaced with an introduction, body, and conclusion

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