Writing an Op-Ed

Assignment Details (750 word limits)
    Write an OpEd piece (ca. 750 words) about your current work or a public health topic of your choice about-Child Obesity in American.
    The target publication is the Washington Post, New York Times, or a comparable newspaper.
    The goal is to digest the scientific complexity of a chosen topic and to communicate the points you would like to make clearly and to the lay public.
    Look at the PDF MMS Pattern to know what it is. Use MMS Pattern (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence)
    You must provide references. OpEds still require citing of facts and debatable events. APA citation style is preferred.
    Follow the rubric.
    REQUIRED: Please clearly mark (e.g., by using different font colors or annotations) the individual sections of the chosen OpEd method in your final submission.
o    See the sample OpEd to get an idea of how to do this.
Tips to Succeed on this Activity
    The goal of this activity is to inform a lay audience about the gist of your research. Be sure to cover the details of your work in an accessible way that’s appropriate for a lay audience.
    Make sure to choose a catchy yet appropriate title.
    Avoid writing in a very academic style. Again, this is for a lay audience.
    Avoid openers with pure facts, as opposed to an attention grabber in the form of a news event or true story.
    Your first and last sentences are the most important ones. Consider linking them by referring back to the story, event, or issue you raised at the start when writing your ending.
    If you raise a sensitive or very debatable point, make sure you can back this up by a reference or a quote from someone with high standing to safeguard yourself as a writer.
    Be careful with generalizing messages, populations, etc. “Never, none, always, all” are strong words, so make sure that these are the appropriate words to use when writing them.
    Read op-eds from different topics in different outlets to become more familiar with the style of writing (compared to academic papers and essays) and ways of grabbing the reader’s attention. Good places to start are Global Health NOW, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.
    Linked on this page are some example OpEds written by previous students in the class. They’re worthy of your review.

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