wrIters choice

Based on the first assignment this is the 2nd part
Here we are working on the OUTLINE


Following up on the first draft of your think-piece, revise your essay by taking peer and instructor feedback into consideration. Be sure to to emphasize what people liked about your essay, and address any parts the readers thought could be improved.

You might write something analytically about a specific religious tradition that we have discussed in class, or write a synthesis about something that transcends religious difference. The different types of think-pieces I have included above are simply a heuristic guide to help you in your own writing journey. Be sure to use standard 12 point font in Chicago or MLA style formatting and citation, double-spaced, without cover page.

Questions to consider as you prepare this assignment:

What books, films, music, etc would be useful in talking about this subject?
Why is this subject interesting to you?
Why do you think it should be interesting to other people?
What does this have to do with Black Religion?

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