World War 2 and the Pacific War


Did the United States, and it combat forces, confront the Japanese empire any differently than it did Germany during the Second World War?  If so, explain how.  In particular, was race a factor as claimed by John Dower?  You do not have to take an either/or stance, but can compare and contrast, highlighting differences and similarities in the process.  Furthermore, was total warfare, including the utilization of aerial bombardment and the atomic bombings, necessary and justified during the conflict?  Lastly, is our (American) memory of World War II distorted in any way?

Use of lecture material to enhance your discussion would be beneficial.  Remember to provide a creative central argument (thesis) that emphasizes analysis and interpretation rather than mere summary. 

Your paper must be four to six pages, double-spaced, with a separate title page.  If quotes are utilized, a proper citation in a footnote should be listed as on the bottom of this page.  Furthermore, consecutive quotes from the same source must utilize the term Ibid.  For any additional information pertaining to citations, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style.

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