World Heritage sites and Peace-building

Paper instructions
This is to write a report in your own words(not copy pasting back from readings!)for given topic.Please male sure to cover all the reading so that you can undersrand the process of world heritages and peace building concepts. The case to analyze is Acient City on Syiria.For the files to check,pls cover the reading from copy and pasted web links and uploaded pdf files together! Please write it in the following ways_ Choose a case study relating to each topic. e.g Angkor Wat in Cambodia as a case study relevant to World Heritage Sites in Danger. (Acient city case is relevant to explain world heritage and peacebuilding) 2. A brief introduction of your case: inscription of the year, outstanding universal value and so on. (please explain why your case study was designated as the World Heritage Site) 3. Please analyse your case shedding light upon each topic. e.g. Why was Angkor Wat included in the World Heritage Sites in Danger? Were there any efforts of various stakeholders in order to rescue this site from the risk? How did UNESCO respond to their efforts? 4. Please critically think about your findings from your case: why is your case interesting and special compared to the other World Heritage Sites? …….. Links to cover!

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