Word Religions

a) Choose four individuals and interview them in regard to their religious beliefs. Specific questions are listed below. The four individuals should come from the following categories:

Grandparent—or someone from that age group
Parent—or someone from that age group
Sibling or friend—someone in your own age group
A person who practices a different faith tradition other than your own or your family’s professed faith.

What is your religious background? What specific religious tradition were you raised in? If none, give examples of what specific philosophical background was apparent in the home.
Do you now attend religious services on a regular basis. Why or why not?
Have you had any introduction to any other faith tradition other than your own? Any formalized education about any world religion?
Looking at the list of world religions, which would you like to know more about? Why?
Which of the world religions are you most fearful of? Why?
Do you know anything about the religious beliefs of Native Americans?
Do you think the world would be better off with a stronger sense of religion than is apparent now or have we outgrown religion in the present and future time periods?
Name 3 positive ideas that have come from religion and name 3 negative aspects of religion.
What is your definition of God?
Does religion help or hinder an individual’s understanding of morality?

b) Write a paper of no less than 7 pages (double spaced , 12 point font) summarizing the viewpoints of these four people. Using critical thinking skills, compare and contrast their understanding of their belief system.

c) In a comprehensive conclusion to the paper, give your reaction to or your interpretation of their views.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a research paperNo outside sources need to be accessed. This paper is based on personal interviews and should be undertaken with the greatest care and respect for individual beliefs that are expressed. Names of interviewees are not essential and all answers should be treated in a confidential manner.


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