William the conqueror

Intro: (overview + thesis)
Paragraph 1: (supporting argument + evidence)
Paragraph 2: (supporting argument + evidence)
Paragraph 3: (supporting argument + evidence)

evidence must be from these sources only please:
“KELHAM, ROBERT.” In The Laws of William the Conqueror, 27127. London: printed for Edward Brooke, successor to Mess. Worrall and Tovey, 1779.

Abbott, Jacob. History of William the Conqueror: By Jacob Abbott. Selections from the Baldwin Library Collection of Historical Childrens Literature. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1858.

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from the Norman Conquest unto the Present Time. By R. Dodsley. Pages 4-9. London, United Kingdom: London: printed for Vernor and Hood; and E. Newbery, 1799.

Riley, Brent A. William: From bastard to conqueror, 2002. https://search-proquest-com.proxy.library.georgetown.edu/docview/212605401?accountid=11091&rfr_id=info %3Axri%2Fsid%3Aprimo.

Stevenson, W. H. “An Old-English Charter of William the Conqueror in Favour of St. Martin’s-Le-Grand, London, A. D. 1068.” The English Historical Review 11, no. 44
(1896): 731-44. http://www.jstor.org/stable/547191.

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