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ENGL 95 Advance Reading and Writing Persuasive Essay Instructions
For the final project for this class you will write a persuasive essay. For this assignment you need to include:
1)    An introduction section with 1 paragraph
a.    A hook to get your readers attention
b.    Background information on your topic
c.    A main point or thesis that states your opinion about the topic and two reasons for your opinions
2)    A body section with at least 2 paragraphs
a.    A topic sentence/point in each paragraph that states one reason for your main point
b.    Support for your topic sentence from the research you did on your topic.
3)    A conclusion section with 1 paragraph
a.    Restates your Main Point/Thesis
b.    Restates your main pieces of support
c.    Explains what you want your reader to do to help and what might happen if people dont take your advice.

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