Why the Biblical Themes Are Significant

In this paper, respond to the following prompts:
A. In six distinct sections, summarize what you have discovered the Bible reveals about the truth of each of these biblical themes. Keep in mind that you do not have to agree with the Bibles positions, only demonstrate that you, as a student, understand what it claims to be the truth.
i. Creation
ii. God
iii. Humanity
iv. Sin
v. The Good Life
vi. Salvation
B. Select three biblical texts for each theme that you believe support your analysis of the Bibles position on these themes, and explain why these scriptures substantiate your view.
C. Explain the effects in your life if you accepted the biblical perspectives of how God has defined the truth concerning each of these biblical themes.
i. These effects could include your self-worth, your evaluation of the other persons, your view of what is valuable, your concept of a good life, your eternal destiny, etc.
ii. This section should at least be three-quarters of a page in length and address each theme separately.

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