Why I Want to Attend Belhaven and What happened to my gpa from past classes

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Reasons I want to go to Belhaven –

1. amazing music program
2. dorm living
3. all of the scholarship opputunies
4. counselors and staff are flexible
5. small number of people – i can relate to a small school because from past, thats all I ever really knew
6. it becomes a family group of people
7. its a christian college – biblical values and point of views
8. Ive only heard great things about the professors
9. I look forward to attending the choir
10. music is my passion in life, thats whats going to get me through all four years at belhaven. Im doing something I love.

My goals for the future –

1. After attending Belhaven, Join air force to be a vocalist.
2. Get bachelors

I have to explain why i didnt do so good at school previously because my gpa wasnt very good so this letter is to CONVICETHEM TO ACCEPT ME

reasons i didnt do good on my previous classes –

1. I took 5 colleges classes at once
2. i was in AFROTC which took up most of my time
3. i also had a full time job a chick fil a
4. wanting to hang with family and friends
5. I drove 1 hour one way monday through friday for AFROTC
6. SIDE NOTE – AFROTC first semester was very stressful because its a whole new environment. Your learning so many new things everyday. Im a former military child and i thought i knew a lot but i guess i didnt. When you do ROTC plus school you have to be the best of the best but also be a teammate.
7. Rest of my academics were online
8. Balancing school and work was very stressful, I was giving myself to much lead me to burn out on my classes because my Priority was AFROTC then work then school.
9. SIDE NOTE – I feel if i attend belhaven in person while living in the dorms full time. And only focus on that with amazong professors plus doing my passion for music makes me unstoppable.

Then like explaining, and convencing this is the college i want to attend and strive to be at cause i have to convince them

Requirements – has to be 1 – 2 pages

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