What is the business model for a low cost airline?

Task Details
Employ the principles and structure of academic essay writing and write a 1,000 word essay to answer the question set for your seminar group (as advised by your seminar tutor and will be located within your subject folder in blackboard.
You must use A MINIMUM of 10 reliable sources: 
5 Academic Journal Papers /books
5 Credible Industry/Sector Sources (industry websites/industry reports) 
Provide relevant examples 
Ensure you include citations of your sources within the essay and Reference List. 
Font: something sensible such as calbri/arial, 12, in black
Line spacing again sensible 1/1.5
Include your student number and name in the header/footer.
You can include a simple front cover if you wish, with your name and student number, tutors name, question, word count.

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