What is a good human life? (Ethics paper 1)

What is a good human life?

Now that we have explored some of the most influential theories of a good human life from the Ancient Era, it is your time to reflect. For this Paper, you should reflect upon material from Modules 01-08.

In a minimum 450-word, well-constructed and well-edited essay, discuss your vision of how you can make the most of this life.

Be sure to show off your specific knowledge of the thinkers and ideas that have been explored so far in the course, even if you are disagreeing with them. Remember, this deals with the ancient question of Ethics. It is more focused on how to get the most out of a human life than it is on how to be a good person. Be sure your paper reflects that. If you use any outside sources for research, be sure to cite them.

If you are wondering how to get started, consider approaching this assignment by thinking about one or more of the following questions:

(1) What have been the most significant elements of the course so far for you? And Why?

(2) What, if anything, is the big picture that you see from your studies so far? Are there any themes emerging among the different theories explored so far?

(3) In what ways have you personally had your views changed or strengthened by these ideas?

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