What does the “femme fatale” signify in modern crime fiction and why is her character so typical?

Write an argumentative essay with three reasons explaining what the femme fatale signifies in modern crime fiction and why her character is so typical. Use The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett and Black Money by Ross MacDonald as two of your sources and find at least 3 more secondary sources that explain your three reasons.

The thesis I created goes like this:
The femme fatale in modern crime stories portrays an incredibly compelling character and tends to be the most iconic, memorable character in her story and uses these characteristics in an effort to achieve her survival because she is trapped in a society where financial independence isnt achievable without a man thus encouraging her to her trademark of dishonesty, she is seen as an object of desire and nothing more allowing her to get away with certain things, she is actually not the villain the story portrays her to be and has a motive, in this case survival, to get what she wants.

I added an outline of what I’ve done so far but please feel free to completely change the thesis and the reasons to how you feel fit. Thank you 🙂

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