What Are the Pathophysiological Processes of the Endocrine System?

The purpose of this group assignment is to analyze the pathophysiological processes related to endocrine hormonal regulation.

  A 24-year-old female presents to the clinic to discuss weight management. She is concerned that she will always have large thighs, however no one in her family is shaped like her. She has been reading about obesity, adipose tissue, and food intake and energy balance. What pathologic explanation and education can the nurse practitioner provide to the patient regarding her concern?

  Include 5-6 details about the disease pathology and clinical manifestations associated with the endocrine system that is affected, 5-6 symptoms your patient may exhibit, and 23 additional pertinent details that will help your patient to understand the pathogenesis, etiology, along with clinical manifestations of their disorder.
    Provide three (3) scholarly references that are provider based and are applicable to your case study (such as NP journals, physician journals, and so on).

Additional Details that Help Patient Understand Their Disease process
Details of Disease Pathology and Clinical Manifestations.
Clarity and Style (Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation) and References

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