Week 8: Reflective Consolidation Paper

This Reflective Consolidation Paper is based on your primary learnings of this course and how this will add value to your future learning and professional objectives. First, define what global organization development and change means to you in your words (use supporting citations from which you have constructed meaning). Second, highlight what you have learned and how it will add value to your current and future positions. Third, you need to reflect and address what you believe is the most effective change model/process and/or approach for your leadership style and organization. Does it align with the culture? If not, how will you blend it? 

To conclude this paper, please research a tool, website, or book that you will review next to continue your development as a change leader and to expand your knowledge base in OD, and state why you selected the resource. You might also address your role in your current organization or possibly a future one as to how you see yourself as either an internal or external OD practitioner.  The final question addressed in this paper is what will you change next? 

The paper is to be double-spaced 4-6 pages in length.

To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.

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