Week 5 Module 2 – Discussion

Week 5 Module 2 – Discussion: Bullying / Incivility

Please answer the following questions under one post. Use the readings and videos to support your position. Post initial response by midnight on Wednesday and respond to two classmates by midnight on Saturday.

1) Have you ever been the victim of bullying? Did you report it? How did the authorities respond? How did this situation impact your environment (ie school, work)? Personally?

2) What does the following phrase: “Nurses Eat Their Young”…..mean to you? How can we change this behavior and reduce incivility in the nursing profession?

3) How can the Americans with Disabilities Act protect a nurse with a substance use problem? What state agencies are required to know of this problem? What resources are available to help support the nurse in recovery and returning to work?

I will send the readings from the textbook later…

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