Week 5 Module 1: Educational Pamphlet

Create an educational pamphlet for your presentation. Be creative.  Keep in mind the level of the reader when writing this pamphlet. Most often, when designing a pamphlet, readability should be at the 7th-8th grade level.  Use the same references for when you wrote your teaching topic in Week 2. You may use additional resources for your pamphlet, but make sure these are professional websites (i.e. . gov, .org )  Include the following sections in your pamphlet: description of topic, pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, treatment, and patient education.

Things to keep in mind when putting together your pamphlet:

1)  Know your audience

2) Be creative and make the pamphlet visually appealing.

3) Use age-appropriate language without jargon.

Example of pamphlet:

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