week 4 leverage, capital struct, & dividend policy

Paper instructions: Please read through the attachments & complete the assignment according to the “Assignment Expectations (Use the attached module 4 SLP Assignment to formulate a 2 page paper with excel company plot). Submission should include: For the SLP this session, you will be taking a close look at a company of your choice: Lockheed Martin which is a publicly traded company and one of the major stock market exchanges. This is a continuation from Modules 1,2,&3 continue to do research on the company you chose to write about for your Module 4 SLP (LockheedMartin). This time you will be doing research/ reviewing the dividends for the past 3 years and capital structure of the Lockheed company. Write a 2-page paper discussing the following questions on the SLP assignment attachment (Questions 1-3). Present your answers to the problems in a Word document with question 3 a plot in an excel document. Have an Intro (2-3 sentences), Conclusion (2-3 sentences wrapping up the problems discussion with an overview), in-text citations and References. Please also show clearly in the written report the Module 4- SLP Assignment being answered directly & precisely according to the directions provided.

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