Week 1 Reflection

Submit by listing 3 major insights from the weekly readings (CH 1 & 2 ABA & Gartner CDO). Each must demonstrate the following:

Completeness (25%) Ability to capture major contents of the reading
Insightful (30%) Ability to derive exceptional and novel insights from the reading
Applications (25%) Ability to show superior applications of the insights gleaned
Writing skill (20%) – Uses clear language to accurately express abstract ideas and explain concepts. No errors related to organization, grammar and style, and citations
You may also submit as one of the 3 insights a Data Audit checklist in Excel for a company of your choice in a specific industry. You may assume the role of a Chief Data Officer hired by the CEO to put together an enterprise data strategy.

You may choose the format as a report or a memo to the CEO or the Board outlining what you have learned. It preferably would be less than 4 pages (including charts and tables). You must include all references of any sources you cite in APA format.

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