Website analysis

First, explore the AAMwebsite: http://blog.angryasianman.comand browse through Angry Asian Mans Twitter:,and read selected pages from Chapter 9 on Asian American New Media Practices in our coursebook, Asian Americans and the Media/Ono and Pham, pp.140-148.
Second, answer the following questions:
1) What is Why do you think it not only exists but thrives (at its height, the website received a hundred thousand views a month) ~ and now has extended to a Twitter feed?
2) How do you understand angryasianman.comand @angryasianmanas having an important role in Asian American media culture? Give a specific example.
3) Search/Find 1blogentry and 1tweet that interest you, including one about a film or television program identify it, and explain why it strikes you. You can do searches at the website for film or television titles, names of actors, directors, politicians, athletes, etc.; you might randomly choose a date and year, and see what posts angryasianman wrote that day.
4) Expanding upon Kent Ono and Vincent Phams assertion in their chapter, what kind of activism do you think is possible (or limited) via the Internet or Twitter, in regard to Asian Americans and the media? 5) Finally, what is the reason to invoke the emotion, concept, and force of being angry? How/where do you see anger on/through angryasianman.comand @angryasianman?

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