Wealth gap activist profile

You will choose 1 activist or activist group and create a
profile that explains who they are, where they can be found
online, what they do, how they present or discuss your social
issue, and how they impact the wider community.
After you explain the background on your subject, you
will begin to discuss how they effective and ineffective at
representing the issue. You will have to examine this from
multiple perspectives and really tell your audience why they are
effective or ineffective.
For assessing the effectiveness of the group or individual, you will have to establish what
makes something effective or ineffective according to the community and your rhetorical
situation. There are a variety of points to consider and you will have to think critically about
what is important to you and your audience as well as what is important for the authors
You will then come to a conclusion about the activist/ groups overall effectiveness on the
social issue and their impact on the wider discussions and community. You are justifying this
assertion based on your previous evaluations of different aspects of the group/ individual. Your
conclusion does not have to state it is effective. You can say that the organization is overall
ineffective, but you must provide evidence from your own perspectives either way

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