Walter Mosley’s “devil in a blue dress” and Peggy Pascoe’s “what comes naturally”

Term Paper Guidelines 4500

Paper. should be double -spaced.
Construct your own argument by using materials covered in class thus far.
(Be sure to take a position) – (Were marriage laws constitutional? Were they good or bad? Would we be a redeemer? Radical? Republican? Do we agree with what has happened based on the couples and their stories?)
Each question should have a minimum of 4 pages double spaced.
Keep in mind that this also constitutes your term paper grade for the class.
(use MLA) format for quotations.
Use of the first-person form of address is fine.

Term Paper Questions 4500

1. Compare and contrast the marriages of Alfred Foster and Leah Foster, Fred and Ophelia Paquet, Thomas Gibson and Jennie Williams, and Helen Emery and Gunjiro Aoki — what does each one tell us about marriage laws in America? Where and when did each one take place and what about them were similar. In your opinion how important a role have marriage laws  regarding race played in America.

2. What is the central point that Walter Mosley is making about race in America with Devil in a Blue Dress? What elements of the novel would qualify as — miscegenation drama, Who in your opinion does Mosley think more dangerous Daphne or Ruby.

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