Visiting an airport Parking

In this activity, you are going to evaluate your most recent parking experience at an airport. You will also rate the concession level of service. If you are able to, you are encouraged to visit your nearest airport to complete this assignment. If you are unable to physically visit an airport you may “virtually” visit.

Prepare a minimum of a two-page document (not including the reference page) and address the following:

Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) ( reports that of the $8.2 billion in non-aeronautical revenue collected by airports, over 40%, comes from parking and ground transportation. Is the cost of parking at your airport in line with your expectations?

Provide a diagram of the parking areas. You can use any media to provide this diagram, including hand-drawn renderings. Make sure to label each area.

Discuss the airports parking plan in detail, providing the number of spaces available and revenue received in the last published year.

Address the layout of the parking plan and your opinion as to whether it is well designed for passenger services. Defend your position.

What demographic of traveler (business, recreational, casual) predominately use this concession?

Are there any areas where you, as a planner, can help the business?

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