Virginia and Massachusetts activity

(This activity should be submitted in the form of a letter that should begin:
Dear Professor Johnson)
Imagine that you are a time travelling avatar and can spend time in early seventeenth century Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Given your avatar status, you have been asked to report back to the twenty-first century about life in colonial America. Based on the readings by Alan Taylor, Virginia: 1570-1650 and Richard Middleton, The Conquest Continues: New England, 1620-60, p.91-105, develop the best description of what it might be like to live in these places.  Your description for each place should include the following:
-When: Provide the date of initial settlement for Jamestown and Plymouth.
-Why: Why did the settlers arrive? What was their motivation, was it religious, economic, or some other reason?
-Who: Were they predominantly men, women, families?
-What: What was the natural environment like?
-How: How did they use the natural resources to survive?
Values: What kind of values emerged in each place and by that I mean were the settlers competitive or cooperative with one another, and were they individualistic or community minded?

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