video games causing behavioral Deviances

Developing Your Argument

The basic structure of the research paper should include these components:

Introduction – Present the issue to your audience. Answer to “so what?” and “who cares?” questions by explaining why this issue is significant and why your audience should take an interest in it. Explain the controversy surrounding the issue and objectively address the differing points of view on this topic. End the introduction by introducing your own position on the issue (thesis statement).

Thesis Statement – Provide a thesis statement that clearly explains your position on the issue. The thesis statement must be arguable, significant, and specific. Your claim should advance the conversation on this issue.

Supporting reasons and evidence – The central claim should be supported by convincing reasons and evidence. Reasons should include rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos). Credible evidence from academic sources should be used to support reasons and convince readers to accept your claim.

Counterargument / Rebuttal – As this is a controversial issue with multiple viewpoints, the essay should anticipate counterarguments and address them fairly. Make concessions when necessary while maintaining the integrity of your argument.

Conclusion – Synthesize the paper’s central ideas for the reader. Reaffirm your argument without repeating what has already been stated in the introduction. New arguments should not be introduced in the conclusion. Leave the reader with a clear understanding of your argument and how it fits into the overall issue.

I have attached my annotated bibliography if you want to use some of those sources. You must take a firm stance on the issue and support your claim with fully developed reasons that are supported by credible evidence.

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