Vera claythrone vs Judge Lawrence war grave

  I need it to be a compare and contrast the essay. Im using Vera, and Judge Lawerence war-grave. I need to have 5 paragraphs, and have a hook and a  topic sentence for each paragraph. Here is the rubric.

The introduction includes an attention grabber and a clear thesis statement.
Every body paragraph has a clear topic sentence that connects to the thesis statement and the paragraphs around it.
Each claim within the body paragraphs is supported with relevant, textual evidence.
Evidence is clearly and thoroughly supported with analysis to explain its relevance to the topic.
Writer thoroughly compares and contrasts both characters, themes, or movie(based on your topic) to each other.
The conclusion provides a brief summary of the essay, restates the thesis, and ends with a lasting thought.
Uses a variety of words and sentence structures. Follows a logical sequence of ideas. Planning/prewriting is evident.

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