Use of Parenteral versus Oral Polio Vaccines in A Global Health Context

There is an annotated bibliography but don’t worry about that – I’ve already done it. I will be combining this writing with some of my own to bulk up my paper. I have already discussed the majority of the topics I just need more words to beef up the paper as it is 5 pages single spaced (2500 words) and I only have 1300 words.

Other important information is the feedback from my professor copied here:If you are thinking about the different efficacy of oral vs parenteral polio vaccine that is a different story. For example, what are the differential advantages of using oral polio vaccine vs parenteral in places or countries in North Africa? Then I think you will be focusing on the effectiveness as opposed to efficacy. Meaning that why it is not possible or not implementable to use parenteral or why it is better to have the oral vaccine.  But I think you can take this topic to the broader global health context and try to provide evidence and data as to why at the global level for vaccination for Polio, the oral vaccine is preferred or not.

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