US History 110 Midterm

This is a US History Midterm. Please review these documents in order to understand how to properly execute this assignment:

1. “History Midterm”- this is the actual midterm assignment.

2. “Midterm Checklist” – this will help point out the teachers expectations

3. “Midterm Review Slides” – This is the teachers review slides about the midterm and gives advice on how to do it.

4.”Magic essay builder” – this will help you organize how to write the essay portion as expected by professor.

5. ” British Colonies comp chart” – this chart will help you write the essay portion of the midterm.

6. “Primary Sources” – These are documents you can use when writing about the “ID’s” and the “essay.” You can quote stuff from these documents and use them as references to your ideas and opinions.

Please also watch:

This URL above will be a zoom video about my professor discussing the “midterm review slides.” It might help you understand the slides better.

Instructions: Please look at “History Midterm” document, “Midterm Review Slides” and watch that URL above.

You will need to pick 4 out of the 6 “ID’s” that she has listed. For EACH of the ID’s that you choose to write about, you will need to write about 100-200 words. In this area, you should try your best to describe in great detail what these ID’s mean, where they took place, when they happened, who they affected, and why they were significant in history. In the “midterm review slides” document, you can see she gave an example on how to write about an ID. She chose Headright System and wrote what the id description should look like on page 7 of the slides.

900-1000 words. Pick either Prompt #1 or Prompt #2 on the “History Midterm document.” Then view “Magic Essay Generator” document to help organize thoughts. View the “midterm review slides” for further information and instruction in this area. Then look at the “british colonies comp chart,” and the “primary sources” to help back your claims up.

The review slides will help alot. If you think you need anymore information, please let me know.

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