Unit 4 Discussion Response

Unit 4 Discussion
Online defamation and Internet service provider liability

Elizabeth, a newly trained model tried to get a modeling position with Cardware, however, Candi thought that Elizabeth did not have enough experience on the runway and did not want to take a risk that she might not model Cardwares clothing in a professional enough manner. Elizabeth was so angry when she was told that she did not get the position that she rushed home and immediately went to her Facebook page. She posted the following on her timeline: Cardware uses cat gut to sew its sweaters and skirts together and there is mold inside of the clothing that does not sell! Repost if you are in protest of abusing animals to make a profit! Within hours, sales at Cardware dropped, as Elizabeths 540 friends reposted Elizabeths post. Discuss what type of cause of action Cardware may be able to bring against Elizabeth. Also, can Cardware add CHEAPO who is Elizabeths Internet Service Provider to the lawsuit?

In 150 words or more respond to the above prompt. Please have in-text citations and list references you used in APA format at the end of the response.

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