Understanding Needs and Taking Political Action

1. Drawing on your reading and from what you have learned from your Contact Assignment, comment on the class discussion to this point (should be 1 to 2 paragraphs).

2. Then respond to the following (please attempt to add ideas or content that have not yet been shared in the discussion board): drawing on this week’s readings please discuss one way which we may strengthen our profession to better contribute to improve population health (advanced practice nurses in all roles). How do you conceptualize this strength – what does it mean to you? Please discuss “tools” which may be used to advance decisions (1 to 2 paragraphs).

Please read and/or skim through the assigned readings and try to cite the textbook, along with other resources listed below.

Assigned readings (referred to in instructions):

1. https://www.nursefamilypartnership.org/ (on research and the Family Nurse Partnerships (NFP)

2. https://www.nursefamilypartnership.org/public-policy-and-advocacy/

3. https://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/aprn/ (please explore website on advance practice with an eye for ANA policy priorities and agenda setting with respect to advanced practice nursing)

4. https://nurse.org/orgs.shtml (Resource list of nursing organizations to explore)

5. https://envirn.org/ (nursing organization not included in prior resource list above)

6. https://www.aanp.org/advocacy (to explore)

7. https://www.aanp.org/advocacy/advocacy-resource/position-statements  (to explore on NP scope of practice, education, prescriptive privileges, cost effectiveness, etc.)

8. https://ncsbn.org/aprn-consensus.htm (should be familiar with the main points in this document – important issue in NP policy)

Textbook chapters for assigned readings:

1.    Mason et al. – Chap 9: Political Analysis and Strategies
2.    Mason et al. – Chap 72: Interest Groups in Health Care Policy and Politics
3.    Mason et al. – Chap 75: Coalitions: A Powerful Political Strategy
4.    Mason et al. – Chap 11: Research as a Political and Policy Tool
5.    Mason et al. – Chap 73: Policy Issue in Nursing Associations
6.    Mason et al. – Chap 79: Taking Action: Campaign for Action
7.    Mason et al. – Chap 54: Nursing Licensure and Regulation
8.    Mason et al. – Chap 66: Political Context of Advanced Practice Nursing

Additional resources uploaded for reference:

Contact assignment (refer to document to answer questions appropriately)

Hospital-Based Interdisciplinary Model (innovative model – approach great potential to be used more widely, i.e. perhaps Magnet hospital)

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