Understanding Movies

                      Film Essay Optional Extra Credit – Sound

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Julie & Julia (2009)                    Sound of Metal (2020)
directed by Nora Ephron                directed by Darius Marder
123 minutes (comedy/drama)                120 minutes (drama)

Amy Adams as Julie Powell                Riz Ahmed as  Ruben
Meryl Streep as Julia Child                                  Olivia Cooke as Lou
Stanley Tucci as Paul Child                Paul Raci as Joe
Chris Messina as Eric Powell                         

How does the technical aspects of sound impact the narrative of how the film unfolds? Why use some of these film techniques and aspects? Does the image and sound work together or against one another? Does it connect ideas or further the development of the characters within the film?

These questions are stated to get you thinking about the film and its respective structural analysis within the world of sound. You do not and should not have to directly answer them all in your paper.

Here a reminder of some sound terms you may come across during the viewing of the movie:

Sound: diegetic and non-diegetic sound, semi-diegetic sound, voice off, voiceover, sound bridge, music cue, motif, underscoring, stingers, parallelism, counterpoint, synchronous, asynchronous, source music, narrative music, etc.

Remember when giving examples of the technical sound terms to support your claims you must then explain your reasoning for their usage and/or effectiveness and how they connect to your thesis statement.

Papers must be in 12 size font, typed, double spaced and three pages in length.

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