Understanding Health Care Organizations and Changing the Status Quo

Please answer BOTH discussion prompts.

Discussion Prompt #5.1 Share the mission, vision, philosophy, and organizational structure of your current or previous workplace. Was the philosophy of the nursing unit consistent with your beliefs and values? How and how not? What meanings do these elements provide to you as you consider your fit with an organization? (MO5.1 – 5.3)

Discussion Prompt #5.2 As a nurse in a healthcare organization and chair of the quality council for your unit, you were asked by the Chief Nursing Officer for assistance in developing at least five quality S.M.A.R.T. goals for the nursing strategic plan. Develop a quality goal and list two strategies (actions to be taken) to achieve the goal. (MO5.5 – 5.7)

Refer to Chapter 30 in the attached PDF for assistance.

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