please follow the instruction in the file called “INSTRUCTION UBS”. those are all the points that need to e covered. YOU NEED TO COVER FROM POINT 3 TO POINT 4. (part 1 and 2 is not requested)

the other file is a complete outline of the project to have an idea of what we wan to cover. but you need to do only from point 3.Financial Crisis 2007/2008: Explain how your industry did during the financial crisis? What were the major developments in your industry during and after the financial crisis? and point 4. Analyzethe Financial Institution.Find important news about firm within the lastfewyears.Describe how the digitalization in finance is impacting your financial institution?What kind of changes is the company implementing?Read the annual report of thecompany and in particular the management discussion section of the report.What does the management think of the current and future situation of the firm? How is the financial situation of this financial institution?Is there a trend in revenues and profits?Who are the main competitors?

please use a simple english (not mother language)

use also the sources that are given in the outline.

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