Possible topics for your Presentation:

any relevant issue, theme, or problem-related to UAE’s history excluding slavery

I need you to pick a topic and then create a RSQ and here are examples “DONT USE THE SAME RSQ PROVIDED IN THE EXAMPLES”

E.g. Topic: Shaikhly Authority in the Preoil Gulf
RSQ: How did the authority of the Sheikh operate in the Gulf prior to the discovery of oil?

E.g. Topic: Merchant Families of the Gulf
Research question: In what ways have merchant families of the Gulf shaped the social and political life of the UAE?

E.g. Topic: Dubai Reform Movement
Research question: What have been some of the long term consequences of the failed Merchants movement in Dubai?

What’s needed in the Slides “Presentation”

A description and reflection on your research process: what was your topic? How did you choose your topic (problem drive research or source driven research)? How did you find your sources (both primary and secondary) and how did you find this process? How did you narrow down your topic to a specific research question(s)?

Literature review and research findings: what does the literature say about your topic? What are some of the dominant themes and arguments? What are your main conclusions/findings? What kind of evidence is there to support those findings? How does your primary source support your findings?

You must include a bibliography slide at the end of the presentation.

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