U.S Sanctions Imposed on Iran

This is an only an OUTLINE for a 15-20 page research paper.

I have attached articles on how to write a case study and articles that should be used as sources for the paper.

Topic: U.S Sanctions Imposed on Iran

Question: How have the sanctions against Iran, affected their economy and state-society relations?

-What are the negative effects of the sanctions on Iran? How have they hurt the country’s economy and society?

Form of the Outline:

-Present your puzzle
-State your research question
-Preview your findings

2.Literature Review and Hypotheses
-Situate your research project within the existing literature
-Present the various hypotheses

3.Qualitative evidence
-Present a case study to evaluate the hypotheses
-Discuss how the case study confirms or rejects the hypotheses

-Describe the contribution of your research (why it is important)
-Discuss directions for future research

Sources to use:







You can use other good educational sources that are relevant as well.

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