U.S. African Development Foundation

U.S. African Development Foundation

(Additional research required)

Statement of the Program
Purpose (what is the objective of the program? What does it try to accomplish?)
History of how the need was identified (How did the need become known? What is the story?)
Political context (Is this program supported by both major parties or identified with one? Did the program emerge after a long battle or was it readily accepted as being needed?)
Theoretical Justification and Legal Foundation
Enabling legislation (What is the federal or state law that authorizes this program?)
Rationale for government action (Why is government involved?)
Beneficiaries/target population (Who benefits?)
Public opinion (Who likes it and supports it? Who doesn’t?)

Tools and Incentives
Sources and levels of financial support
Sources of regulation
Compliance and reporting requirements
Other methods of accountability

Institutional structure and organizational relationship
National, state and local agencies/offices
Connecting government relationships
Supporting organizations in nonprofit sector
Supporting organizations in private sector
Purpose of relationships and connections to program

To complete this assignment, you will gather information independently from major news sources that identify and discuss current issues, organization websites that describe public programs, and public opinion polls and surveys. It may be necessary to delve into research papers, books, congressional/legislative history or scholarly resources to determine how the need for this program was identified, and to understand political context, as well as the beneficiaries/target population.

The information that you provide about the rationale for government action will come from your personal synthesis and analysis, and will draw on the course readings about the rationale for government action. Public opinion data may be very obviously available, or you may need to dig for it

Title page
Table of contents
Section headings centered and bold
Subsection headings flush left and underlined
Page break at each section
Times New Roman font
1.15 spaced with double return between paragraphs and no additional spacing between lines before or after the body of the paragraphs
1 inch margins
Margins flush left

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