Trump has Made the Covid-19 Pandemic Worse

For your final assignment, you will write a problem solution argument.  This essay is an amalgamation of everything youve learned this term.  The problem is completely up to you; use your noggin.  But remember, the problem must impact more than a few people and you want to consider your audience.  Does the audience care?  If not, you may have some convincing dramatizing to do.  Hopefully youve picked something you care about.  Feel something.  Make me feel something.

Write a 4ish page Problem Solution Argument (MLA format):
Your intro should be effective and clearly state your problem.  Define the problem and if you have some convincing to do, it will probably be in the beginning of your essay.  If the problem is not well known, you will have more showing/convincing to do.
For the majority of you, at least half of your paper should address the solution/solutions.  Be careful not to offer too many solutions.  Focusing on no more than three solutions will create a stronger essay. Even if you focus more on the problem, I need to see at least one hefty solution.  Remember, your audience determines whether you focus more on the problem or solutions
consider what your audience knows and thinks. You do not want to just breeze over the solutions, but really give them thought. I want detail; show me this is a problem.  Show me these solutions could work. Show me youve been paying attention this term. Noggin caps on! If you breeze over the solutions, there will be holes in your argument and thats not convincing. 
Watch your assumptions and watch out for holes in your argument; more evidence, rather than less, will help with this, along with understanding the complexity of the issue and what others are saying, or writing, about this problem and solutions. 
Remember, your objective is to persuade; this is not an informative paper, not a report, but an argument. Convince!
Like the intro, the conclusion should be effective.  Your thesis should creatively restate your problem and emphasize your proposed solutions.  In your conclusion, I want to see your thesis stated in 1-2 sentences. 
Your paper should display a balance of pathos and logos, and sound ethos.
For this essay, you need at least 5 CREDIBLE outside sources and these sources must be smoothly integrated within your essay wave the flag! in MLA with a Works Cited page.  Danger: Even accidental plagiarism will result in a failing grade.  If outside information lacks an in-text citation, the paper will receive zero points.  If youre uncertain about your in-text citations, make an appointment with the PCC Writing Center. 
And, a title, this must have a creative, yet relevant, title!
Essays that use you after the first sentence the hook will not receive an A. It feels personal.  When someone writes, You need to start eating more kale, I think, Come on, I already eat a lot of kale!  They should write, People need to starting eating more kale. 

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