Treatment and Prevention

Your essay should be one cohesive paper with accurately documented sources in APA format. You should not number each point, but rather incorporate each seamlessly in your essay.

Based upon the content from Chapter 17, argue for at least TWO approaches that you think would be the most successful in preventing substance abuse. Specifically, cite the reading in your response.

Given a situation in which methods of prevention fail and a person falls into drug abuse, which treatment approach do you feel would be most effective? Which treatment approach do you think would be the least effective? Refer to Chapter 18 in your response.

After engaging in your own independent research, compare and contrast substance abuse treatment methods based upon complete drug abstinence versus those based upon moderating (or lessening) drug use. For example, are there certain types of drug habits that can be controlled using a moderating approach? How might these differ from approaches that strictly require abstinence?

Imagine that you are designing a treatment facility that is based upon either an abstinence-based or moderation-based approach (choose one or the other). Explain at least FOUR qualities this treatment center must have in order to be successful. Give specific reference to your reading material in order to justify your response. Describe the most effective methods you would employ in providing follow-up care to your patients at this treatment facility. For example, what would this facility’s aftercare program look like? How would these methods help patients reintegrate into normal life after treatment? Explain in detail.

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