Transformational Leadership

Leadership Videos

The Leadership of Steve Jobs 2011 Simon & Schuster Books. (2:52)
Path Goal leadership 2011 Dr. Jason Carthen (1:07)
The puzzle of motivation | Dan Pink 2009 TED Talks (18:36)
Leadership and followership 2011 Ira Chaleff (7:32)
Group identity: In group and out group formation 2011 Heroic  Imagination TV (4:29)
John Maxwell the Five levels of Leadership John Maxwell Co. (27:24
Transforming transformational leadership | Lesley Hayes 2015 TEDx Talks (17:16)
President John F. Kennedys 1961 Inaugural Address Segment from Great Speeches, Volume 1 (14:06)
Martin Luther King Jr.s 1963 I have a dream Speech Segment from Great Speeches, Volume 1 (16:34)

Transformational leadership has been suggested as the New Leadership paradigm. Offer an example of transformational leadership from your own experience, popular news/culture, or history. How does it demonstrate transformational leadership? Why is this style so important to leadership research? Can this style be taught? Is it practical and desirable for all leadership situations? Why or Why not?

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