Trade, Poverty and Inequality in India

So the topic is about trade, poverty, and inequality in INDIA.
It is important to recognize that this is for economic class, not sociology. Thus, it has to be written in an economic sense.

The required word count is 2000, so writing about 650 words for trade, 650 words for poverty, and 650 words for inequality will be great.

I will upload the PowerPoint slides that were used in class, but these PowerPoint slides are just a guideline of information. Detailed information needs to be researched and to be cited. You will not need to find vast information since it is only 650 words for each category.

Please read the PowerPoint slides because they will give you an idea of what to write and what to research! It will not take long to read.

For TRADE, you may talk about the trade system and trade policy in India and how they affect the economy of India.

For POVERTY, you may talk about the relationship between India’s economy and poverty. There is not much information in the slides, so you may need to research online.

For INEQUALITY, you may talk about the problems with inequality based on the indexes and may talk about how inequality can lead to the economic problems (ex: education). (inequality can lead to low education, and low education leads to the low economy).

Please contact me with any questions.

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