Total Quality Management

Written Assignment Prompt:

After reviewing the article, The Use of Performance Appraisal and Compensation Systems in Total Quality Management, you gained insight on why Performance Management and Compensation of high value staff members is a reciprocating benefit. Two quotes from the article bring great points of view to the ideal.

TQM brings about a significant change in an organizations culture, including its mission, goals, philosophy and procedures. Do you agree or disagree with this idea. If you agree, why, and name at least 2 examples of how Quality Management changes these aspects of an organization.  If you disagree, name a few examples of others factors that may influence these ideals more than Quality Management. Use examples from the article when able.

While the mission and goals of the company are being promoted, the employees also seek a better quality of work life. Explain why this is important in a healthcare setting for employees, both medical and administrative. Use examples from the article when able.

Paper should be 1.5-2 pages. No title page or abstract needed. A title is required and any other sources used must be cited. No other sources required. Please attach your assignment with a .doc if possible.

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