Hi, I’m reposting this order since the essay should ONLY be based on the readings in the attachement. Please write the essay follow the objectives, thank you!

Please Use The Readings And ONLY The Readings To Write a Reflection Paper Following the Guidelines. Thank you!

The objectives can provide a useful guide for the paper.
Describe some of the value systems involved in people’s food choices.
Describe and appreciate the meanings that are invested in what we eat.
Understand meanings given to meat – personal and societal.
Reflect on the values and social meanings given to food (including meat) and how they have influenced your food choices.

o Should be brief(1-3 sentences)
o Introduce the topic, provide brief background information
o State that the topic is important and that this paper will explore evidence for why the issue is significant in the world of food
o State that there are differing points of view on the issue, describe the controversy (briefly), and then state that you will analyze evidence for both/all sides.

3-5 body paragraphs
o For readings about a broad set of influences on food choice behaviors or the issue being examined, explore the evidence about what makes the influence or issue important.
o For readings that present differing sides to an issue, briefly summarize the evidence for each side.
o Organize the discussion or evidence in some logical fashion
o Indicate that the information is from the given sources and give examples from readings
  – Cite your sources but just last name is enough.
o Add your own critique or observations of specific articles or pieces, briefly, if relevant to the issues being examined.

o Like intro, should be brief (2-3 sentences)
o State your conclusion from the evidence/ readings in a couple of sentences.
o Also, include any of the following, as appropriate:
      What might be some applications for this information?
      What does your conclusion mean for practitioners?
      What personal experiences do you have related to this issue? How will you apply this information to your future?
      What further questions do these readings engender?

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