Thesis on reading and supportive writing

Critical Essay: Collective Subjectivity
Please use the secondary texts to support, attack or adapt the following assertion:

In Imaginary Homelands, Salman Rushdie argues:
Very often, subjectivity emerges when an individual reacts to something in the
world around them. This is the primary human response. However, sometimes
subjectivity can occur as the result of a groups reaction to a force or set of
circumstances that present themselves. This subjective response (whether from
an individual or a group) can be linked to the conflict between conformity and
non-conformity. The individual response to the conflict between conformity and
non-conformity is a key concept to grasp, as it dictates how an individual reacts
to ideology. The second, or group response is characterized as collective
subjectivity, and characterizes how a group might embrace a particular ethos.
Both are key to developing a fuller understanding of the process of critical

Directions attached, supportive readings attached

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