thesis-centered essay

You will be asked to read three questions carefully and then choose only ONE question to answer. You will then write a thesis-centered essay of at least 500 words in response to this one question using excerpts from given articles to support your writing.
Remember to:
-Develop a thesis that takes a clear stance or position.
– organize your thoughts- an outline can help do this.
– Use MLA in-text citation to support your claim with quotes or paragraphs from Both given readings.(you must use at least one cited idea from each reading)
While you can also use your own observations and experiences to develop your claims. Readings must be the primary source for developing. You are not allowed to use other sources.Discuss how the citations and ideas are relevant to your thesis. Quotes and summaries are evidence only in body paragraphs.
Given questions are in files and also readings. I am not asking you to use unique words you can use basic words to write your essay. Im looking someone who can give me 0 plagiarism work. This is very important for me . So please be careful while you working on this essay . I upload some helpful worksheets as well.

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