Thesis and outline

The thesis must state the subject matter of your paper, and explain the position that you are taking on the subject. It must be no more than a couple of sentences and should help you focus your topic. (Topic will be provided to assigned writer)
In your thesis, you must take a position on the topicthis could include exposing the faults, explaining the positive, or providing a better way of dealing with the problem.
Here are 2 websites that can guide you in producing your thesis.
Your outline must be well-developed in current APA format, including all of your paper headings and subheadings. It must be clear and concise to provide an established framework for the paper. A well-written outline will help you keep your paper on track and make sure there is a logical progression of ideas.

Here is a website that can help you with producing an outline:

Must fully articulate the subject matter of the paper and explains the papers position.

Well-developed outline with clear and concise headings and sub-headings.  Established a good framework for the paper.

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