Theme or issue from “Born A Crime”

Choose a theme or issue presented in Born a Crime.
Use the research information provided via our library and the owls.
Create an arguable thesis for this essay.
Convince me that your ideas are worth thinking about, even if I may not agree with you.
Support your ideas via details and quotations from text(s) you have chosen to work with, from scholarly (acceptable) sources, and some type of support from at least one other type of media (TV show, movie, or even news from an acceptable source).
Provide analysis / explanation after each quotation you use / detail you use.
Have at least 2 sources in addition to Born a Crime.
Your 3 + full page (double-spaced) essay should be in MLA formatting (the Works Cited page does not count toward the 3+ pages).
Review, revise, edit, and proof-read your essay.
Identify and eliminate uses of “it” and “there is, there are, there was, there were” from your writing.

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